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Schmidt's Picks

This inaugural show at the Philip Slein Gallery was curated by the inimitable veteran of St. Louis' art scene, Jim Schmidt, who was permitted to let his imagination run wild and bring together works by some of the best artists in the area. Schmidt made some terrific picks, including large paintings by Jerald Ieans, Brandon Anschultz and Michael Byron; sculptures by Sue Eisler; photographs by Olivia Lahs-Gonzales; prints by Tom Huck; and ceramic pieces by Dan Anderson and Jeri Au. Only Schmidt could put together such a solid survey of such varied art, and it was all shown off to great effect in Slein's gorgeous gallery, a nicely refurbished space in a former factory building on Washington Avenue downtown (see, not coincidentally, "Best Art Gallery"). Schmidt's Picks was one of those shows that made you feel lucky to live in St. Louis.
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