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Every Man For Himself/God Against All

Curated by Hesse McGraw, Every Man For Himself/God Against All took its name from Werner Herzog's 1974 film, which details the true story of Kaspar Hauser, a wild child who appeared seemingly out of nowhere in 19th-century Nuremberg. Like the title that inspired it, the well-attended show was an exploration of the self in relation to the other — other people, other countries, other cultures. Featuring works by Marco Boggio Sella, Tim Hyde, Jill Magid, Lilly McElroy and Zachariah Rockhill (several of whom had shown at this year's Whitney Biennial), Every Man was an ambitious show filled with challenging work — from the video project by Boggio Sella that featured a man in a space suit wandering among the villagers of Burkina Faso to Magid's LOVE project, which tried to upend the impersonal relationship between people and the systems that monitor them. The exhibition also featured a mini-film festival on the Every Man theme that ran the gamut from Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's legendary German new-wave tale of unlikely romance, racial prejudice and cultural divide, to Clint Eastwood's classic Escape from Alcatraz. All in all, it was the sort of show that might have made you feel lonely — if only there weren't so many people around.

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