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Attending a gala can be a wearisome ordeal. At nearly every affair, people are dressed up in tired tuxedos and dull dresses, blah, blah, blah. These same attendees eat chicken dinners and nod their heads to music, yada, yada, yada. Of course, all this pomp and circumstance is in the name of raising money for a good cause, which is a lovely idea, but if you attend enough of them, you still get a little, ah, uninspired. That's why we'd like to applaud those who put a little pizzazz in their money-raising and show us a good time. The St. John's Mercy Foundation and its jungle-themed Jungala kept us amazed and entertained, but it was FloraDora that really brought the merriment. At this fundraiser for Circus Flora, attendees were treated to a shortened circus performance and invited to hula-hoop and dance the night away in the sawdust-covered circus ring. It pretty much rocked! To be fair, shots of an "elixir" were involved, but even so, you haven't really danced until you've done so in a circus ring. Trust us on this one.

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