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Hair on hide is big this season. This is why you'll find piebald cowskin throw pillows strewn across sofas and chairs all around the showroom floor of Brentwood Square's Arhaus. The large, airy space is segmented into lovely little dream rooms full of fairly pricey furniture that reflects other current design elements: weathered wood, nail heads, industrial metal, mirrored glass and tufting. The color schemes displayed are neutral and serene, but if you prefer your club chair upholstered in fuchsia linen, you can choose from hundreds of brighter custom fabrics hanging on racks in the back. The salespeople are extremely helpful and friendly, and the furniture is well-made from natural materials like stone, hardwood, real wrought iron and organic fabrics. Throw out that ratty plaid recliner and replace it with, say, a tufted club chair trimmed with nail heads and accented with a hairy leather pillow. And Arhaus is just the place to find it.

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