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I.O. Metro

It's a feat to bring real warmth to what amounts to a faux street, but I.O. Metro, located in the mall-let known as the Boulevard (across Brentwood Boulevard from the Saint Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights), has managed to pull it off. Manager Michelle Mendel says St. Louis shoppers are snatching up the store's modern furniture by the truck full, but she's also seeing an interest in the more organic pieces — the things constructed from old shipyard lumber and castoff print blocks, for example. Though seemingly disparate styles, at I.O. Metro, it's easy to imagine how, say, a two-foot-high ceramic vase might go beautifully atop a sideboard made from reclaimed wood with a rustic cowhide rug thrown underneath for good measure. If it still seems like you'd benefit from some guidance, book an appointment with one of the store's four designers — whose areas of expertise include architecture, florals and fabrics — who can lend their help via an in-home visit or an in-store consultation. For free.

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