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Here's the problem with shopping for furniture: Nothing you see in the store will ever look as good in your own home. After maybe a day in your living room, that lovely, nubby velvet couch will be encrusted with cat hair. And forget the cashmere throw and elegant arrangement of vases and beeswax candles that go with it. At your house, you'll be accessorizing with Grandma's afghan and the misshapen clay bowl your kid made at camp. Niche's showroom is packed with enough beautiful furniture and accessories to make you weep for your very, very humble abode. But don't despair! Let David, the store manager, comfort you in the design library behind the sales floor. Most of the stuff in the books and on the floor, he explains, was made by local designers, who will be happy to customize something for you based on your specifications and price range. Oh, and did he mention Niche is owned by the Lawrence Group, an architectural and interior-design firm, and employs a staff of people dedicated to making your place look as fabulous as it possibly can? What he doesn't say is that whatever you choose probably still won't look as good in your living room — but on the bright side, it could make your living room look a lot better.

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