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Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt Co.

Frozen treats should be made thoughtfully, with the customer in mind. And like many frozen-yogurt joints in this day and age, Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt Co. takes the concept a step further by putting customers in charge of their own creations. Then the midtown fro-yo shop goes the extra mile, offering a diverse array of flavors, from the über-exotic (ginger lemonade, blueberry açai) to the supremely sweet (carrot cake, dulce de leche). All varieties are kosher, and non-dairy options are available. Finish it off with your choice of 30 toppings, which include fruit, candy and Ghirardelli sauces, and the dessert possibilities are endless. If you're one of those guilty Gomers who insist on pretending that this sort of confection is healthy, the Cow has you covered: Rest assured that your frozen yogurt is positively swimming with probiotics and active cultures, not to mention calcium. (Or be like us and just enjoy the damn thing.)

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