Best Frozen Yogurt


Dieting 101 says dessert is an indulgence meant only for a special occasion. Obviously, whoever made that rule never went to Chill. The Clayton froyo emporium whips up all- natural, small batches of the stuff, ensuring that its dessert is overflowing with active yogurt cultures and is chock-full of calcium, protein and vitamins. Chill doesn't sacrifice taste for nutrition, however: Patrons can choose from a rotating cast of flavors, ranging from tart and cheek-puckering (blood orange, blackberry) to fresh and palate-cleansing (mint, banana) to just plain decadent (dark chocolate, cake batter). Chill's toppings — berries straight from the carton, crushed cookies and a dizzying array of name-brand candy — are remarkably fresh, as well. The hot fudge cools into chewy chocolate ribbons, and the sea-salt caramel — which cascades over the froyo in heavenly, sticky rivulets — is a must-add.

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