Best Frozen Yogurt


We're already salivating in anticipation miles before your green-and-white stripes finally come into view. Rising out of the asphalt like an enormous Starlight Mint, your roof simultaneously steals our breath away and takes us back to simpler times. You're always waiting for us in the same spot whenever we need you; your canopies gallantly protecting our resting bums from the elements even as your recipes protect our tums from the bulges. Eggnog! Orange cream! Lemon custard! Your boundless flavors of fro-yo could never be called so-so. We may not even be able to make it back to the car with you, but eat you up right here on the spot instead. Oh Iggy! You're so soft. So sweet. So seductive. Tell us, Iggy, are you seeing anyone special? 'Cause our heart belongs only to you.
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