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Fritz's Frozen Custard

The original Fritz's Frozen Custard opened up 30 years ago in the heart of Old Town Florissant, making a name for itself (and finding inspiration for a logo) with the turtle concrete (crunchy pecan pralines, vanilla ice cream, chocolatey fudge and caramel). Now with multiple locations spread out across the region, Fritz's has brought its hand-dipped, freshly made custard to the masses. But first you'll have to choose what to order: the original 90 percent fat-free vanilla, or the 95 percent fat-free vanilla (that extra 5 percent can make all the difference), or good old fashioned chocolate? "Colossal" concrete favorites include "Adam's Apple" (hot apples and cinnamon), "Rocky Top" (crushed nuts and a hard chocolate shell) and "Hot Fudge Peak" (hot fudge and roasted, salted pecan halves). During warm summer nights, lines can snake out into the parking lot, but the folks on staff know what they're doing, so it never takes too long to get your frozen treat. Of course, the iconic Ted Drewes or the always-popular Mr. Wizard's have their many die-hard fans, but there's something to be said about variety: It is the spice of life, after all.

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