Best Frozen Custard

Mr. Wizard's Frozen Custard and Yogurt

Going out for frozen custard is much more than a bold act of defiance that your smartphone's calorie-counting app never, ever needs to know about. After all, who doesn't love a cup of delicious, creamy custard topped generously with Magic Shell or laced with unbaked cookie nuggets? But for many the neighborhood custard stand is more than a place to pick up dessert; it's a beloved tradition, an outing that screams of summer, melted ice cream dripping onto wrists and a seemingly endless sugar high. On an average July evening, the Mr. Wizard's Frozen Custard patio brims with patrons young and old, human and canine, watched over by the sorcerer himself as they treat themselves to sundaes, cones, concretes and cups (and as the inevitable puppy play date takes shape). There's more to summertime in St. Louis than elevated crime rates and record-breaking heat, and you can find the best of it beneath Mr. Wizard's neon marquee.

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