Best Frozen Custard

Silky's Frozen Custard

If you turn a Silky's concrete upside down, will the custard stay in the cup? Uh, who cares? Why risk spilling such an awesome dessert? Dessert — or dinner, because your average Silky's concrete is thick enough to serve as a meal. Silky's menu offers more than a few ways to pimp out your concrete. The "Elvis Pretzely" gives you chocolate- and caramel-covered pretzels; the "Turtle" tempts with hot fudge, caramel and butter-roasted pecans. But don't overlook the simple pleasures of a strawberry concrete, the juicy berry bits bursting in your mouth as the concrete melts. And who could resist a concrete with richly flavored chocolate chips that are practically chunks? Whatever you order, you'll flip with joy. And chances are, when you do, your concrete will stay in its cup.
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