Best Fried Chicken

The Libertine

Josh Galliano's fried chicken isn't exactly a well-guarded trade secret. In fact, the Libertine's Louisiana-born chef has published his Southern fried-chicken recipe for the world to see — and if someone wants to spend the week it takes to make, more power to him. The path to a glorious fried bird begins with a multi-day soak in a sweet-tea brine, then the chicken spends another day in some buttermilk. For breading, it gets a 50-50 mix of seasoning and flour that lends it an ever-so-slight heat. The result is a fried-chicken masterpiece — tender, juicy meat, crunchy breading and mouthwatering, savory zip. The folks at the Libertine are such teases, though — the chicken is not on the regular menu, but is served every couple of weeks as part of the eatery's Sunday Suppers program. Perhaps that's why Galliano gives out the recipe — as a way to tide over desperate, fat-pants-clad diners every other night of the month.

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