Best Fried Chicken


A phrase you rarely hear: "I wish every day were Monday!" But it just might be you exclaiming this after lunch at Farmhaus. At Kevin Willmann's acclaimed restaurant, Monday is fried-chicken day, the first of its weekday "Blue Plate" lunch specials. For $10 (plus tax and tip) you get two pieces of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese, a salad and iced tea. It would be a great deal if the fried chicken were just OK. That the fried chicken is super makes it a heist. The batter fries up medium-thick, giving each bite a satisfying crunch without overwhelming the poultry that reposes within. The meat is perfectly tender, juicy without being greasy. The seasoning is pitch-perfect, with a mild, peppery kick to balance out the smidgen of gravy the kitchen spoons atop the bird. Of course, as soon as you're finished, the long wait till Farmhaus' next fried-chicken day begins anew — a reason to still hate the rest of Monday, at least.

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