Best Fried Chicken

Café Lazeez

OK, fine: Technically the fried chicken at Café Lazeez isn't fried — at least not in the usual sense. Instead, the chicken served at this tiny establishment (an odd but winning amalgam of traditional Pakistani dishes and American fast food) is "Broasted." Broasting — a trademark, FYI — involves cooking chicken in a device that combines a deep fryer with a pressure cooker. The science isn't exciting, but the result sure is: The chicken's thin batter is exceptionally crisp, and the meat is moist with its own juices — not, as is so often the case, cooking oil. Be warned, however: Café Lazeez's chicken is very spicy. Should it be too spicy, don't fret. The Pakistani side of the menu includes a mango lassi, the perfect cooling beverage.

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