Best Fried Chicken


Just so you know, there are about eleventy billion other things you can order at Hodak's besides fried chicken: an eight-ounce charbroiled rib-eye, frog's legs, fried oysters, a rib sandwich, a quarter-pound frankfurter, a turkey club. But notice how none of those other menu items have found their way onto these pages. No offense, other forms of protein proffered at Hodak's, but we show up for one reason only: the best damn fried chicken this side of Kentucky. Crisp and juicy, lightly battered and perfectly fried, tender yet robust and, yes, a little greasy (but delectably so). It doesn't hurt that we can get a four-piece chicken plate—about half a bird, plus fries and slaw—for under seven bucks. Chicken tonight, baby!
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