Best Fried Chicken


Volumes have been written about the importance of fried chicken in the evolution of American culture and cuisine. And then there are the debates: pan- versus deep-fried, flour versus cornmeal, cayenne versus black pepper. It is said that fried-chicken lover Charlie Parker earned his Yardbird sobriquet when his car hit a chicken in rural Missouri and he fried it up for the band. The logo of Romine's Restaurant is a large rooster. Though the long-standing eatery with a view of a Mississippi River levee is well known for its barbecue and fried fish, what they're saying is: "It's the fried chicken we want you to remember." Romine's chicken is deep-fried to the epitome of golden crunchiness on the outside and juiciness on the inside. The hand with the seasoning is confident, but never overpowering. In sum, this is fried chicken as memorable as one of the immortal Yardbird's sax solos.
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