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Bob's Seafood

According to an old Japanese proverb, "A frog in a well does not know of the great sea." Here in 100 percent ocean-free St. Louis, it's hard to know the great sea and its delicious culinary treasures, which is why we are so grateful that we have Bob's Seafood to broaden our horizons. What with the miracle of modern shipping, Bob's receives, processes and sells — retail! — fresh fish that less than 24 hours prior were, ya know, knowing the great sea. Nearly 200 local restaurants get their seafood fixins from Bob's: Gorgeous grouper, snapper, pompano and oysters (whole or in the shell) from the Gulf; perky live lobsters; blue crab (alive and pinching, steamed and picked or, in season, sumptuously softshell), sushi-grade tuna and more. Bob's is a perennial "Best of St. Louis" institution. Which, ipso facto, is to say that it ain't no frog in no well.

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