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In Alaska there's an old folk song called "Fish Head Stew." You can probably guess what that's about, and given the 49th state's fish-rich status, it's hardly surprising that they'd have a song about chomping down on fish heads, in stew or otherwise. Here in good ol' landlocked Missourah, not so much. (We're more likely to be found singing tunes about Provel around the campfire.) At Bob's Seafood, however, fish head stew can become a reality, what with all the sea creatures lying about on ice in their entirety. Even if you're not of a mind to boil up a batch of 'head stew, the friendly and well-versed staff will help you navigate the sometimes-unfamiliar waters of Bob's extensive selection — and maybe suggest a recipe or two. Fans of Bob's are loyal, however, so be warned: Once you've crossed the threshold for the first time, you'll almost certainly be back for more, again and again.

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