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Bob's Seafood

Blast freezing, next-day air, the rapid pace of globalization: These days it's easy to take the availability of seafood for granted, even here in St. Louis, a loooooooong ways away from the nearest ocean. Heck, sushi is so commonplace, it probably won't be long before some Americans start thinking we invented the stuff. Which is why this category's nearly perennial winner, Bob's Seafood, remains so important. Whether wholesaling fish to your favorite area restaurant (and, yeah, whatever your favorite area restaurant is, chances are Bob's is its vendor) or selling you shrimp, tuna, salmon, oysters, softshell crabs, lobsters, crawdads, scallops or whatever happens to be the best catch of the day, Bob's Seafood offers a personal touch and the comfort of knowing where in this ever-expanding global market your fish flew in from.

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