Best Fresh Seafood Counter

Bob's Seafood

Good thing Bob's Seafood up and moved since last year's "Best of St. Louis" issue—at least we have something new to say about the place. A perennial leader in this category, Bob's no longer lives in the Market in the Loop. The defection was tragic for those of us who used to walk over there from the office, order a half-pound of sliced raw tuna and call it lunch. But it's now located on Olive Boulevard just east of I-170, in a nice big storefront. Nothing much else has changed, however. Bob and Barb Mepham still work the counter, their bread and butter's still local restaurants (too many to count, but well over 100), and they still offer a wide selection for retail sale, from shellfish to tuna to monkfish to hamachi to snapper to...well, you get the idea. Something sure smells fishy—and we mean that in the "Best" way.
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