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Whole Foods

Soft-shell crabs? Check. Tasmanian sea trout? Mmm-hmm. Octopus? Aww, yeah! If it swims, and it's edible, Whole Foods probably has it. And here comes the kicker: Somebody likely netted the little bugger just yesterday. "We are the fastest grocery store there is in going from the dock to door," proclaims seafood team leader Don Kirby. "We order by noon each day and have it aired in the next one. We can have 100 different choices in the case. We've had days with five different types of salmon and six different types of shrimp. That's what makes us unique: the vast selection and the fresh taste." Kirby is preaching to the choir. We adore Whole Foods not only for their smorgasbord but for their educational brochures (sustainable fishery info, plus recipes!) and ultra-helpful staff. Look for former restaurant owner Larry Shifrin, the bespectacled fellow who works evenings. Shifrin has a five-minute recipe for any catch on the deck. Ask him.
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