Best French Fries

Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

When a plate of French fries is prepared correctly, it's difficult to improve on the result. The potatoes must be freshly cut, not frozen. They shouldn't be served in the form of giant slabs with flakes of uncooked potato in the middle, but they shouldn't be matchsticks, either. The exterior should be crisp without being greasy. The interior should be just soft enough to remind you that at one point in its evolution, your fry was a bona fide vegetable. And, of course, there should be a light sprinkling of salt, just enough to make it sing. When you've got all this, why dare to mess with perfection? The Delmar Restaurant & Lounge dares -- with a heap of garlic. The garlic is powerful, flavorful, but the fries can take it without getting soggy. This plate is one of the most magnificent things that ever happened to the humble potato. Also, it'll keep the vampires away.

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