Best Free-Music Venue

Forest Park Boathouse

Forest Park is so full of cool shit, we usually barely notice it. The Boathouse is just about the most overlooked nice thing in it. If you're of an aquarian mind, you can rent a canoe and paddle around for an hour. If you're just looking to socialize, you can buy a beer (Schlafly brand included), a glass of wine or soda pop, then sit back at a table right alongside the water. If you're hungry, you can order a sandwich. Weekend nights, you can check out the band that's playing for free. There's a play area for the tykes, and dogs are usually tolerated. In fact, the only downside to the place is the fact that there's only one restroom for all patrons, ladies and gents. Still, on a reasonably pleasant summer's night, you've got to work really hard to avoid enjoying yourself at the Boathouse.
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