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Excellent frame work renders itself invisible; foregrounding and complementing artwork, a superior frame compels one's eyes toward the centerpiece at hand, and only later (if ever) reveals itself as a product of expert craft. This fine balance is precisely what Sandra Marchewa (an accomplished artist) and her business partner Paul Young have specialized in for the past seven years — guiding artwork toward its best possible framed life, which they produce on-site. Ever knowledgeable about wood types, quality metals, mattes and the assorted benefits of glass versus Plexi, Marchewa and Young offer detailed consultation on how to best situate and memorialize one's precious item — be it a vintage photograph, an ephemeral drawing on wilted newsprint or a crumpled keepsake with little more than personal worth. Their willingness to see the broader spectrum of art and give it its most elegant due is in large part a result of the shop's dual function as a gallery. Until this summer, when it held its last exhibit, Pace was also home to PSTL, an intimate exhibition space showcasing some of the most inventive, experimental and compelling work in town by local artists. While PSTL's close is deeply lamented, Marchewa and Young's first-rate sensitivity to quality fine art — let alone the fine art of framing — remains a reliable and invaluable constant.

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