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Pace Framing

For a small space, Pace Framing packs a big punch. The always-charming Sandra Marchewa (who is also an accomplished artist) and her business partner Paul Young have operated Pace at its Grand Center location since 2007, after first occupying a basement space in the Philip Slein Gallery for two years. Since its relocation, Pace has truly blossomed. The shop offers a range of services, carries standard and specialty frames (such as museum-quality and hand-finished frames) and caters to every budget. All framing is done on-site. But what really sets Pace apart is the PSTL (Pace St. Louis) window-front gallery adjacent to the shop. PSTL showcases work from local artists in an inviting and accessible space, and the artists seem more approachable within the friendly confines of Pace. Marchewa and Young don't accept commissions on sales, either: The gallery exists as a labor of love — which is evident in everything Pace does.

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