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Little Johnny has drawn his very first tree, a roiling smudge of green and brown, the watercolor still damp on the page. It is no Monet, but don't tell that to Johnny's mom. Bursting with pride over her budding artist's wondrous creation, she has come to Artmart to preserve forever this humble tree — and no way is she's going to make do with the cheap ready-made stuff (though this fine emporium's got plenty of those). From the center of the cavernous shop, the young mother eyes a wall covered with a vast variety of elegant frame molding. She moves toward it, trailed by one of the store's many design consultants. "This one," she says, pointing. "What is it?" She is complimented on her taste. It is Roma molding, custom-crafted and imported from Italy. Roma it shall be (though she might have chosen something from Larson-Juhl, Studio Moulding or Nurre Caxton. On to the glass — and again, no ordinary glass can it be for Johnny's tree. It must be Museum Glass, yes, with reflection control. The next day — yep, the turnaround at Artmart's fast — the mother returns to pick up the painting. The design consultant recalls her client's first impression: "It is a masterpiece!"
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