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Soulard Picture Framing

Do you know anything about framing? You don't, do you? And yet you blindly, ignorantly continue a ruin-it-yourself philosophy. You enter [insert discount store name], grab a $10 clunker, some masking tape and construction paper, then go home and start hacking away until you've so humiliated the memory of Auntie June that her entire bloodline, living and dead, weeps. You don't know any more about framing than you do about racing the Iditarod. Will you use archival mattes and backing boards? What about UV glazing? Don't fret: Don Dolan will sort it all out for you. Dolan's Soulard row-house shop is a hymn to borders and boundaries, to the power of the frame. Here the craftsman quietly works, honoring artists by making their work more beautiful, transforming snapshots into photographs, a Willie McGee-signed baseball into a sacred icon. Last year Dolan won the Judge's Award for Creativity at the Professional Picture Framers Association's regional framing competition in Hannibal. Awards are great, but one glance inside his shop should convince you of Dolan's moxie.
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