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Boozy Ice Cream

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Could anything be tastier than ice cream in the summer? What about ice cream with alcohol mixed right into it? That's the glorious trend we saw take off in St. Louis this past year. In Shaw, Ices Plain & Fancy premiered a boozy line of treats, even as Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery opened its first storefront in Lafayette Square — and if you didn't know that "naughty" was a code word for "intensely alcoholic," clearly, you're overdue for a visit. I Scream Cakes over on Cherokee also launched a successful IndieGoGo to add booze to its line of offerings; as of press time, we were still anxiously awaiting the rollout. What do we love best about these adult treats? You don't have to visit a bar to indulge. Take the kids in for a virgin scoop while you indulge in a Jameson-flavored "Johnny Jump Up" (at Ices) or a banana rum with salted butterscotch caramel (at Clementine's). What the kids don't know, surely, will never hurt them.
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