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One Hot Stove

Nupur Kittur obtained her master's degree in public health from Saint Louis University earlier this year, but among the local food scenesters she is best known as the author of One Hot Stove. The blog chronicles the Mumbai-born Kittur's exploration of the vast, vast landscape of Indian cuisine. Her posts are recipes, first and foremost, enlivened with insightful commentary on Indian culinary history, cooking tips, lovely photography and the occasional side on a knitting project or her beloved dog, Dale. Tying everything together is Kittur's voice: smart, sincere, occasionally self-effacing, with none of the snark and backbiting that make so many blogs — yes, even of the food-and-drink variety — a chore to read. You can turn to One Hot Stove to learn a good recipe for chutney or a new way to use cardamom (in lemonade!) or simply because it's a pleasure to read.

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