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This is the land of Sammy Hagar fans, and we St. Louisans sure love our classic rock. Most of that love comes from having a "real rock radio" station like KSHE (94.7 FM) around for the last five decades. KSHE as we know it today came into being in 1967, and since then generations of Midwesterners have been raised on its classic-rock tunes. You would think that this format would get old, but fresh young faces at KSHE have helped usher in the genre to a younger audience, and the brightest of them all is Lern. She might be young, but don't discount her rock knowledge. Lern hosts The Morning Rock Show and knows more facts about classic rock than your average south-county roofer. She's also social-media savvy, updating her Facebook page with fun news and events and multiple ways for fans to get involved with the station. Lern is fan friendly, approachable and more ubiquitous than Sweetmeat, the KSHE pig mascot of yore. Look for her at every major rock event. She'll be there.

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