Best FM Radio Personality

Pat Wolfe

When listening to Pat Wolfe on the radio, the mind tends to wander. Who is the man with the rich baritone delivery — the perfect "radio voice"? The name of Wolfe's show, Interstate, completes the illusion. This Wolfe must be a lone one — a renegade type in a leather jacket, sitting behind the microphone while chain-smoking Winstons and dreaming up his next roadhouse adventure. And then you meet him, and.... Let's put it this way: Wolfe's station profile photo has him posing next to a drawing of Kermit the Frog. But that's the beauty of this medium. You can be a toad and still be drop-dead gorgeous. And from 10 a.m. to noon each Friday, Wolfe (a volunteer DJ whose day job is operating a customer call center in Alton) is the most sublime sound on the dial. His dulcet voice has you wanting him to stretch that weather report or program note out a few more seconds, yet Wolfe rarely satisfies in that regard. He's too into his music (alt-country, Americana and straight-up rock & roll) to waste his own breath — no matter how much we wish he would.

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