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Geechi's Florist

The Arch may be one of the world's most distinct civic landmarks, but we can all agree that even the homebodiest hoosier is not about to mistake it for the Eiffel Tower. The Mississippi is not the Seine. Horse-drawn carriages, cobblestone streets, fleurs-de-lis plastered on practically every building? Yeah, we have those, but the only place downtown where you're likely to mistake St. Louis for Paris is on Olive Street. There, along the sidewalk in front of Geechi's, brightly painted wooden boxes burst with bouquets of flowers, from daisies suitable for any jeune fille to sophisticated lilies and hydrangeas. The knowledgeable staff will gladly help you increase your cachet with elegant centerpieces featuring seasonal selections; the emphasis is on exciting, sometimes unusual, shapes and contrasting textures. And while the coffee shop next door may be a Starbucks, sitting at a sidewalk table with a view of those cheerful bouquets peeking out of their boxes may be enough to convince you that the café you've wandered into is Rive Gauche instead of Gateway.

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