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Sisters Flowers

Creating beautiful, artful floral arrangements is difficult enough. After all, flowers may be lovely on their own, but it takes talent, creativity and skill to combine them in a way that moves beyond sentimentality toward true elegance. The staff at Sisters Flowers can, indeed, create such arrangements. But here's what else is beautiful and artful about Sisters: their dedication to the community and to ensuring that all couples' wedding days are filled with natural beauty. Since the shop opened in Kirkwood in late 2001 (it is no longer a walk-in storefront; customers order over the Internet, over the phone or in consultation with one of the florists), Sisters has provided magnificent flora to more than 500 weddings and commitment ceremonies. The arrangements go from simple to soaring, accenting a bridal gown or a reception table in the most perfect way possible. Owner Emily Testrake — with help from her son David and daughter Jennifer, plus a handful of amazingly talented floral artists — takes the time and care to understand each client individually, no matter how many weddings she has on the books. Much of Sisters' work is documented on the company's blog (, which simultaneously provides both an impressive portfolio and a fond recounting of many, many happy days.

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