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Clint Lunn won't do more than one wedding per weekend. "Some florists do three, even four," he says. "I can't do that. The day's too important. If I'm your florist, yours is the only wedding I'm thinking about all weekend." Lunn's philosophy about weddings extends to everything he does at Pick Flower Gallery. Each flower is displayed with great care. Every glass vase gleams. A Pick arrangement defies the notion that flowers should be fussy and frilly; Lunn's less-is-so-much-more approach spotlights delicate orchids, elegant lilies and tropical blooms that blaze sunset-red. And these flowers are by no means for special occasions only. Nearly every day a chalkboard outside the Central West End shop describes specials: Gladiola bouquets, $10. Sunflower bouquets, $5. But if it is special-occasion flowers that you seek, you can't do better than Pick. Lunn, who designs stunning foyer arrangements for the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton (among other high-end locales), outlines a plan that fits each customer's aesthetic and budget, then executes it perfectly. Want a lush, English garden-style centerpiece? A minimalist arrangement, with curly willow and red anthurium reaching toward the ceiling? As long as the season is right, anything is possible. "I had a couple come in on a Monday and need flowers for their wedding the next Saturday," Lunn relates with a laugh. And did he do their flowers? "Of course," he says. "Of course."
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