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What is it with these hip fitting rooms nowadays? It seems they're always finding new ways to make you feel like you're changing clothes in public. Some have curtains that only come down to your knees, rendering your pants' hitting the floor a public spectacle. Some fitting-room doors are thin as a belt, blurring the line between customer and exhibitionist. It's getting to the point where fitting rooms are the structural equivalent of those black dots that cover private parts on TV. It's amazing the cops don't raid these places for indecent exposure. Fitting-room designers, try this on for size: Famous-Barr is just one of many stores that knows that hip people are as modest as they are mod. To make the change there, you first enter a tiny foyer, then select a fitting room, where you'll slip into something more comfortable comfortably. It's that simple. And they don't forget the mirror at Famous-Barr -- a fitting room without a mirror is like a car without a speedometer. In lieu of a mirror, some stores actually make you wander into store traffic after trying something on to find your reflection in the form of an opinion from a preoccupied salesperson ( "It's very you!") . Others humiliate you by making you carry a plastic tag with a number on it into the fitting room. It's like a delicatessen where they can tell that you're dressin'. What is the customer -- chopped liver? And while you're at it, all stores should put some space between the rooms. Who wants to hear some stranger bumping into the wall, close enough to share your jeans? And we know those mirrors are made to take off 10 pounds. It gives a new meaning to changing in front of a mirror.
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