Best Fishing Hole

North Riverfront Park Lake

The hum of traffic and the "clang, clang, CLANG" of scrap metal bouncing around the iron bed of a flatbed truck on Riverview Drive is muted by the "plop, splash" of catfish jumping out of the water at North Riverfront Park Lake. The fishing hole just inside the northern city boundary of St. Louis isn't a lot of things. It's not a rural watering spot, it's not a gleaming lake in outstate Missouri and it's surely not a private, pay-to-fish locale. But it is stocked with plenty of catfish. "This is my first time here and I caught four already," one man told us as he de-hooked the cheek of a silvery white catfish and dropped it into a chainlink fish basket. Regular anglers, too, will trade greetings and tips. And if you feel like hiking to greater waters for a view (if not for the fishing), the Mississippi River flows just to the east across the tree line. Anglers 16 to 64 need a license to fish legally, of course.

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