Best Fish Sandwich

City Diner

Fish sandwiches are a conundrum. The term "fish sandwich" is far too vague (you wouldn't call a hamburger a "meat sandwich" — that would be gross). And the fish sandwich itself is kinda vague, too. Order one most places, and you get...some sort of whitefish pressed into a square and then topped with cheese of equally mysterious provenance. Bleh. Let City Diner alleviate your despair. The South Grand mainstay offers an astoundingly tasty, non-square-shape catfish sandwich that is both a gourmet delight (firm, fresh, perfectly pan-fried catfish) and a total steal ($6.95)! Judging by the size of the fillets (roughly the diameter of a dinner plate), these catfish must've ruled the river in their piscine glory days. City Diner serves the fish between toasty slices of buttered (hey, why not?) bread, with plenty of thick tomato slices and crisp romaine. The tartar sauce is superfluous, but the hand-cut, kosher-salt-dusted French fries are not. They're the perfect complement to this formidable, fabulous catfish sandwich, which can only be defined as "freaking delicious."
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