Best Fish Sandwich

The Ike & Tina Tuna

Albacore tuna sandwich? Yum. Albacore tuna sandwich named after (in)famous local couple? Great. Albacore tuna sandwich named after (in)famous local couple that incorporates snicker-worthy wordplay? Heh. Among the many delights on Kopperman's excellent lunch menu, the Ike & Tina Tuna is perhaps the most delightful. The foundation: tuna chunks held together with only the slightest amount of mayo, plus lettuce and tomato, served on an onion roll. All very well and good, delicious, even, but it ain't no Ike & Tina Tuna. You see, to ascend to Ike & Tina Tuna status requires the addition of thick-sliced bacon and havarti cheese. It's like a tuna melt, a grilled cheese and a BLT, all rolled into one. And that, dear reader, is the Best Fish Sandwich in St. Louis.
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