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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but it's the boys who usually shop for them, and it's the boys who must endure the blandishments of the smooth gentlemen behind the jewelry-store counter, who blithely rattle off the subtler points of the four C's, the two-months'-salary equation and the relative merits of platinum and white gold. Prospective grooms can be grateful for Adler's, where Billy Ames dispenses sage advice and low-pressure sales pitches, all the while making friendly conversation about his new baby and his own wife's preferences when selecting an engagement-ring setting. For Ames and his colleagues at Adler's, no sale is ever final. Drop by with the missus anytime after the big purchase to let one of the jewelers power-clean the soap buildup off the mounting and examine the ring for signs of wear and tear. Marriages don't always last a lifetime, alas, but at Adler's, customer service remains as indestructible as that costly bit of crystalline carbon adorning your beloved's finger.
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