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Dark Crystal never won an Oscar. Neither did Wet Hot American Summer. So what? The English Patient won a trunkful of the useless golden statuettes and no one in search of a good time would line up at midnight and pay good money to see that torpid prize-winner. That very distinction is what makes the Reel Late Movie Series such an entertaining evening. Screening two movies a night on Friday and Saturday from late summer to late fall, Reel Late offers a respite from the hype and blather of the usual filmgoing experience. Drawing heavily from the "cult favorite" end of the film pool, Reel Late is all about entertainment. Some of the films are old favorites; some are so cult as to be unknown quantities. But no matter: All are enhanced by an enthusiastic and respectful audience. There ain't no slump in Reel Late's attendance, Hollywood, so take a hint: If you screen something people (as opposed to the Academy) like, butts end up in seats and a good time is had by all. It works for the Reel Late series, and it could work for you!
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