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St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

A guy in a dress, a bass guitar strapped to his chest, screaming, "I feel like a woman!" The history of a seedy motel. Alien death invaders. And all of them from St. Louis! Home sweet home might never be known as a hotbed of filmmaking, but for the past four summers our heart has swelled with pride during the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Not only do we get to watch shorts and feature-length flicks made by hometown heroes (cost is $9 a screening, $8 if you've got a student ID), we can also take in daytime seminars and learn how to finance a film (hint: Dentists have lots of cash and want prestige) and how to create our own netherworld maze (movable walls). All that DIY enthusiasm and hometown pride -- it's enough to make us pick up a camera and make our own movie! Well, maybe not, but we'll definitely be back for next summer's fest.
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