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Festival of Nations

The Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park promotes cultural awareness through art, music, crafts and, most importantly, food. Sample a medley of delicacies, then watch elegantly costumed dancers move gracefully to music from around the world (as you await blood to return from your stomach to the rest of your limbs). Ruminate on the fleeting beauty of life over Tibetan sand paintings while munching an empanada. Marvel at the athleticism of Scottish log tossing with a lap full of injera. Buy a Peruvian water whistle shaped like a duck and see if it still works when filled with a margarita, or try juggling samosas from every booth that serves them. The best festival in St. Louis proves that world peace is possible, not from threats of war or high-minded rhetoric, but through the dizzying smells of exotic spices and an endless variety of meat skewered on sticks.

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