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The Horseradish Festival

Horseradish can cure headaches, according to some. Horseradish makes a fine antidote to a hangover, say others. One thing's for certain: A day at the Horseradish Festival makes for one damn happy person! For one thing, the International Horseradish Festival Committee holds its annual tribute to the great mustard root in June, when it's not too hot (outside). And after more than twenty years, they've perfected the whole shebang (despite the loss of the horseradish-eating competition, deemed too dangerous after a contestant choked). It's an opportunity to sample horseradish barbecue sauce and horseradish candy, to compete in the horseradish Olympics (games include root tossing, just like it sounds, and root sacking, which involves running back and forth with increasingly heavy loads of horseradish), to eye the wildly artistic and sometimes erotic but totally naturally shaped specimens of really big pieces of horseradish, to remark on the interesting concoctions in the bloody mary competition and, of course, to imbibe them. Hot damn indeed!
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