Best Federal Lawsuit

JJK Industries v. Painful Pleasures

Using the following clues, try to guess the product at the center of the federal case known as JJK v. Painful Pleasures: 1. Its inventor was plagued with lawsuits from companies claiming they were the first to patent it. 2. There are countless Chinese knockoffs of it. 3. Previous litigation became so heated that two opposing attorneys came to blows during a deposition. Sound a little bit like the iPhone? Or Facebook, perhaps? No, friends. It's the humble Tongue Tiggler. Euphemistically called a "massager" or "body jewelry," the Tiggler is a tongue stud that vibrates. The Ladue inventor filed suit earlier this year to stop knockoff sex toys from being sold on the Internet. (Here's hoping for both folks on either side of those knockoffs that they're at least semi-decent quality.) While there have been many important and weighty federal lawsuits filed this year, the best one is obviously the one that generates the most puns (oral arguments, anyone?).

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