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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

The food at Five Guys Burgers and Fries isn't drive-thru fast; you will, on average, wait about seven minutes for your food after ordering. Nor is it particularly cheap: A cheeseburger, regular order of fries and drink set us back $11.79. Seems pretty appalling, really -- until you grab the paper sack that contains your order, remove your foil-wrapped burger and take a bite. It tastes divine. Beyond cheese and bacon, all the toppings are free, so you can go nuts: grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, pickles, jalapeños. Free, too, are salted, shell-on peanuts, there to get you through that onerous seven-minute wait. Five Guys has the little touches down -- including free malt vinegar for your fries, should you go in for that sort of thing. Did we mention the fries? Skin-on and served in a paper cup, they'll cost you $2.99 ($4.99 for a large order), but when they're doused in vinegar (yes, we go in for that sort of thing) and dragged through ketchup, you'll swear they're worth every penny.

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