Best Fast-Casual Restaurant

Sauce on the Side

Move over pizza, move over sandwiches: The calzone combines everything awesome about you both into a neat packet, stuffed full of tasty meats, veggies and more — and they might just be the perfect food. At Sauce on the Side calzones come in a variety of traditional and nontraditional flavor combinations, and they are assembled and cooked to order in just about ten minutes. Of course, when the hot pocket arrives, things do tend to get messy. Roughly the size of a deflated football but stuffed with melty, delicious cheese, it's debatable whether it's best to tackle with knife and fork or savagely with the hands. Not to worry, though. Just because Sauce on the Side is fast casual doesn't mean that eating there has to happen at the same speed. Eat there on the spot or grab and go.

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