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Soulard Farmers Market

Any farmers' market with its own interstate exit sign and a lineage dating back to 1779 is the place you want to be. At the Soulard Farmers Market, patterns have emerged and evolved over the years into a loosely predictable Saturday schedule. The serious shoppers and their wheeled carts are ready to go when the market opens at 7 a.m. Midmorning brings family shopping trips and the bloody-mary crowd, and at noon the market is populated with a bustling hodgepodge of hipsters, tourists, yuppies and local denizens. The afternoon is a free-for-all of people-watchers and deal hunters picking through whatever is left over at the 5 p.m. close. It's the best farmers' market in St. Louis not only because of its permanence and reliability, but also because the sense of community harks back to the very reason a real farmers' market is such a comfortable place. Plus, flavored pork rinds: so damn good.

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