Best Farmers' Market

Soulard Market

There aren't too many places left in the world where one can buy an eggplant, a bag of mini-doughnuts, 80 square feet of carpet, a live chicken, six pairs of tube socks, cut flowers, a loaf of sorghum bread and a pair of hog's balls all in one swipe. We're tremendously lucky in St. Louis to have the pleasure of this accommodation down by the river, where generations of hucksters have procured the fruity and meaty yields of great Mother Earth since before the Louisiana Purchase. There's no greater music than the sound of a dozen languages spoken at six in the morning after a full night of carousing with Soulard's saltiest, and anyone fortunate enough to live in the city will tell you so without hesitation. Soulard Market may be the shiniest facet of the gem that is St. Louis, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a soul to disagree. If it was good enough for Ulysses S. Grant and it's still standing, it's definitely good enough for you.
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