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Painful as it is to admit, the St. Louis metal scene is weak. Metal is undersupported, underloved, underwanted and underappreciated. So it was surprising to discover Tohmet, a digest-sized fanzine dedicated to informing St. Louis metal heads about upcoming releases and tours from underground metal's darkest leading lights. True, most of the info in Tohmet could be found online at various record-label Web sites, but Tohmet also offered enough original material, mostly show and album reviews, to make its cost (free) more than worthwhile. Editor Christine Wojtan packed each issue with enough news to choke a hellhound, and her opinions about who was keeping it true and who was slipping into trend-dom were well informed and well reasoned. Sadly, new issues have not been sighted in quite some time, so Tohmet is assumed to have returned to the underworld that birthed it. Tohmet may be gone, but the music of the truly dedicated will survive, as Christine noted on the inside cover of each issue. Hail, Tohmet.
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